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Giant Rush APK: A Fun and Challenging Game for All Ages

Our markdown process admittedly took a giant gap last year, but we're back on the horse for 2021 with monthly updates. If you spot an app on Play Pass that we haven't listed, perhaps has a new name, is about to be taken off the program, or are a publisher who has an app in the program, get in touch with me at and we'll bring it on.

If one power-up lasts for 5 seconds, then two power-ups totally change everything for their duration. The XXL Potion flips the camera to the front; meanwhile, you tilt the screen to control your giant Minion while smashing everything on his way.

giant rush (1).apk

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In some levels, the black hole can absorb some special ammunition, which can be used to attack the game's giant. The giant is the ultimate goal of the game, and players need to absorb as much matter as possible before the game ends in order to have enough ammunition to attack the giant. Giants have very powerful attack capabilities and if players do not attack in time, they will be destroyed by the giants.

Occasionally, alarms blare, to warn of incoming projectiles. All you have is your wits and reactions as your sliding finger directs the ship up and down, before it inevitably comes a cropper on the rocky face of one too many giant asteroids.

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Wow Dev way to fuckup a good game starting at day 32. Like most games on here it was overrated at 94% I believe ANY game should be complete before it goes above 90%. One reason is because towards the end of a game many devs fuckup and/or rush the endings after hours of buildup.

Face your enemies in this adventure game! You will have to fight against various cavemen and monsters, like the angry T-Rex, the giant Spinosaurus, the deadly Pterodactyl, and many other monsters! Use your weapons to fight and hunt them!


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