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My Story and what I do

My name is Kako and I am a manifesting momprenuer.

My passion in life is helping people realize their full potential The beautiful gift of witness people manifest their abundant lives fills my heart with such joy. I want everyone to love the life they live the way humans are meant to.

Fifteen years ago, I walked away from a nine-year drug addiction. Before that, my upbringing was in extreme poverty. After surviving abuse, neglect, violence and long-term homelessness, I started to see my power.​

So, I moved across the country alone and started to pursue one of my dreams. And guess what? I did it! I performed as a rapper for some of the biggest names in the Toronto rave scene. My new fiancé and I wanted to settle down to have kids, so we moved back to B.C.


 Unfortunately, I became a single mother on welfare. I had no education, no money, nothing but the love for myself and my son to drive me. That was nine years ago. It was then that I truly realized that nothing is impossible. It was then I started to truly see the power of manifesting.  I took a program that allowed me to see myself in a whole new way and got myself into college even though I never finished high school. I received my certification in counselling skills from Vancouver community college and started changing other people's lives! I worked as a youth addictions counsellor for four years and supported some of Vancouver's most diverse and high-risk youth. It changed me. I realized  I wanted to be of service in different ways, so I made a plan! 

 I left everything I knew and moved to start walking my path. I started a dayhome for neuro-diverse kids while getting my Diploma in Disability Studies and working towards my Bachelor's Degree of Professional Arts in Human Services.

 Through everything thing that I have been through I have learned how to manifest my ideal reality. I want to share these skills and tools with you.

Seeing the powerful ability for people to manifest their realities over and over again allowed me to live and witness that it is possible for everyone!!.


I now have a beautiful home and two successful businesses. I travel at will and live in the abundance of love, happiness and financial freedom. The energy I put out into the universe is the energy that I receive 3 fold.  The most important lessons I've learned are what I want to share with you. The lesson is that anything really is possible. When you align with your true path life becomes abundant.

Here at Made With Kare Solutions, we create plans and tools rooted in the flow of abundance and teach you how to truly love the life you live. With our coaching programs, I support you in making your vision of your life a reality, whatever that looks like. Once we are clear on the path you want to take, you learn the skill and tools you need to make this shift to a thriving life sustainable and blissful. 

I also offer counselling sessions. Within these sessions, we can go deeper into what ails you and truly get to the root of your challenges. I hold space for you while you do the scared work of growing towards your ideal self.

And finally, I offer workshop facilitation for both corporate and individuals.


  • Powerful Leadership Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace University of Colorado.

  • Gender Diversity Workshop  Dr. Vikki Renolds  

  • Cultural Diversity Workshop Dr. Vikki Renolds .

  • Anti-Oppression Conversations Workshop Dr. Vikki Renolds 

  • Resiliency Workshop

  • Mindfulness Workshop

  • Trauma-Informed Practice Certificate


  • Bachelor of Professional Arts in Human Services Candidate University of Athabasca (2022).

  • Disability studies Diploma Bow Valley College 

  • Addictions Counselling Skills Certificate  Vancouver Community College

  • Certified Life Coach Transformation Academy

  • Certified Addictions Coach  Transformation Academy 

  • Certified Transformative Coach  Transformation Academy

  • CPD Accredited Certificate: Advanced Nutrition

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